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October Dog of the Month: Barron

Barron has a large presence about him, and makes himself known by vocalizing his every thought.  He loves to play with toys and play keep away with his doggy friends.  Barron also loves to run through the water hose when his humans are least expecting it.  =] Their shrieks of surprise always cause him to stop […]

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10% Off Obedience Classes

Having some training issues with your pup? Yea, me too (see below). Puppy Kindergarten and Impulse Control 101 Classes starting  on Sundays! Puppy Kindergarten is 4 weeks long (cost: $100) and will be on Sundays at 4:15p. (begins 10/18) Impulse Control 101 is 6 weeks long (cost: $125) and will be on Sundays at 3p. […]


September Dog of the Month: Django

Meet Django, our September Dog of the Month. He is Katrina’s (Sit, Stay, N’ Play’s Head Trainer) right side man!   Django is a Cattle Cog and Border Collie mix. He tends to be bossy and great at herding! He has worked as my demo dog for training since he came home at 10 weeks. […]