Meet Buster and Sammy! They may be small, but they prefer to be identified as big dogs. Buster loves to catch frisbees and sing the song of his people. Sammy enjoys hanging out with his mama and lounging on the picnic tables at daycare. They both are always the best dressed pups at Sit, Stay, N’ Play!


Hi my name is Sammy, I am a Schnauzer and I am 6 years old. Buster is my brother and we are best friends. Woof! Woof!

Hi, my name is Buster, I am a Cockapoo and I am 5 years old. Buster is my brother and we are best friends. Woof! Woof!

Let us tell you the story on how we met Jody and Rick Cordonnier and how they become our forever dog parents. We love them dearly. Woof, Woof!


Buster met Jody and Rick first so I will let him tell you how they met.

I (Buster) was living with a crazy man who had all these animals living in his house. One of the animals living there was a cobra who hissed at me all the time. This crazy man would hold me in his arms and take me on walks around town. One day, Jody was outside on her porch and this crazy man said “Hi” to Jody and she said, “What a cute puppy you have. What kind of puppy is he?” The crazy man said a Cockapoo. Jody and the crazy man knew each other and she asked him, “You mean this puppy is living with you and with that cobra in your house?” The crazy man said, “Yes.” Well, that scared Jody and she became concerned that all those exotic animals who lived in that crazy man’s house would harm me. She asked if she could hold me and decided to make a deal with the crazy man. Jody said “Hey, how about if I buy that puppy from you?” He asked how much. She said, “$35” and he said, “It’s a deal!” Jody took me in her arms and the crazy man tried to pet me and to say goodbye, but I BIT HIM! I have been biting ever since that day. If anyone tries to pet me when Jody is holding me I will bite them. SO WATCH OUT! When Jody was holding me, she noticed I was dirty and full of fleas. She got DAWN soap and gave me a bath. The DAWN SOAP KILLED THE FLEAS. After that, we sat on the porch and with a hair pick, she combed out all the fleas off my body. Jody and I are very loyal to each other. She is a great dog mom.

Furthermore, Jody loves to dress me up. My favorite outfits are my Ohio State jersey, Ohio State bandana and my sweaters. My favorite foods are cheese, pumpkin and toilet paper. I sneak the toilet paper out of the bathroom then Jody catches me and I run with the toilet paper in my mouth, ha, ha! Jody pampers me by buying me treats, taking me on walks, going to the groomers, car rides, doggy daycare, hugs and letting me jump on the car horn and honk at people who walk by! Woof! Woof!


I am Sammy and I met Rick, Jody and Buster when Jody’s mom bought him from a Schnauzer breeder and brought me home to meet the family. When Rick, Jody and Buster would visit us, I would jump on Jody’s lap and play with Buster. We always had a great time. Life was good until one day my first mom (Sharon) was diagnosed with cancer and only had 9 months to live. Jody and her sister Tisha took good care of our mother. Everyone was concerned what would happen to me when my mom Sharon would die. Rick and Jody discussed it and decided I would live with them. I was so happy that they adopted me. It was sad when my first mom died, but Jody has been a great second mom. Jody is great about giving me my favorite treats. They are yogurt, ice cream, pumpkin, cheese and the trash out of the trash can. I sneak into the laundry room when Jody is away and eat the trash. Unfortunately, I no longer get to do that since she locks the door when she is away. Woof, Woof! Jody dresses me in my favorite outfits. I love to wear my Ohio State jersey, my Ohio State bandana, and my plaid coat.

Jody pampers me by letting me snuggle up against her when I am sleeping, taking walks, car rides, letting me stick my head out the window when driving down the road. I love hanging out with Buster. Whenever he hears me bark, he is there to protect me. We are great and loyal friends. Furthermore, Buster and I love to chase squirrels, run around the house, play fetch and sleep by Rick and Jody. Woof, Woof!


Sammy and Buster have been the love of our lives. We were not blessed with children, so our dogs are our children. They have been a blessing to our lives. Thank God for dogs!


Woof, Woof!

With love and affection,

Sammy & Buster