We are staying open and will continue to be here for you!

On behalf of Sit, Stay, N’ Play, our hearts go out to our community during this time of disruption and uncertainty. We are here to support you and your pup. 


It was announced today that there was a “stay at home” order, which will definitely disrupt a lot of lives, but we want you to know that finding good pet care will not be one of the ways your life is affected. Thankfully our type of business was not ordered to be shut down; therefore, we are going to continue operating daycare and boarding for those who need their pets taken care of during this time.


It is important that we are available to care for pets of healthcare workers, grocery store employees, and other essential employees who work long hours on the COVID-19 frontlines.  According to the World Health Organization and the CDC, COVID-19 is not zoonotic and cannot be contracted or transmitted by dogs.


We keep our facility as clean as possible as a regular practice; however, we have implemented some new policies in order to keep our pet parents and employees safe.

  • Our lobby (pens, door handles, surfaces, etc.) is sanitized regularly throughout the day.
  • Hand sanitizer is readily available for all employees and at the front desk for pet parents.
  • We practice social distancing amongst our employees and our lobby is plenty large enough to stay a safe distance away when dropping off or picking up.
  • Curbside drop off and pick up is available if you call when you arrive.
  • We can accept payment over the phone.


We are back to our regular hours of operation!

Monday – Friday: 7a-7p

Saturday: 8a-5p

Sunday: Closed (except boarding pick up times at 9a and 5p)

Training and grooming is also available by appointment.

The indoor dog park (where you come and play with your pup) will be closed until further notice.