Django and Ella are an adorable brother and sister duo that come to daycare regularly. Django loves to drink from the hose and chase balls. He’s very opinionated and will definitely let you know if you took too long to throw the ball. Ella is also very opinionated, but she just wants everyone to know that she gets her leash on before her brother, thank you very much. Ella has a very tight clique that she is very active with. Her brother is in a different clique, but they always check in with each other throughout the day. =]



What are your dog’s name, gender, age, breed? 

Django is a 5 year old male border collie/Australian shepherd mix and Ella is a two year old female husky/Australian shepherd mix.

How were you and your pups united?

We adopted Django when we were living in Seattle. We had been looking to adopt a dog for quite a while but were waiting for the right one to come along. We had to drive to Bend, OR to pick him up which was a six hour drive from where we lived! His whole litter had been rescued from the side of the road in Idaho. We adopted Ella after deciding that Django would really enjoy having a puppy sibling. Again, we spent a long time looking for a pup that we thought would be a great companion. She had been found in West Virginia by a rescue in Cincinnati. We went to meet her and introduce her to Django before deciding that she would be a great addition. We then picked her up at an event called My Fuzzy Valentine in Cincinnati.

What is Django’s and Ella’s favorite treat?

Django and Ella love dried beef liver and dried chicken. Also Ella loves leafy green vegetables, like cabbage and kale! Django doesn’t care for vegetables but he loves all kinds of meat.

What are your dogs’ best qualities?

Django is an incredibly loyal and loving companion. When he decides that he trusts someone, he establishes a really strong bond with them. He is also really great at playing with other dogs of different breeds and size. He just loves to play with other pups and gets along well with kids too! Ella is a total lover, very affectionate, and a really great cuddler. We also love that although she is small she can be feisty and holds her own quite well. Ella is also very loyal and loves playing tug whenever possible. It’s hard to only list a couple, since obviously we think they both have so many great qualities!

If Django and Ella could answer only one question in English, what would you ask them?

If you could spend your birthday doing one activity, what would it be?