Sit, Stay, N’ Play is excited to announce that we are starting a “Dog of the Month”blog entry! Every month we will be highlighting one of our many special pups that come to our facility regularly. So without further ado, let’s meet August Dog of the Month….Izzy!

Izzy is a two year old Labradoodle who enjoys beef flavored training treats. When she is at Sit, Stay, N’ Play, she starts off shy but warms up quickly and has a great time playing with her friends.

– What is the funniest thing Izzy has ever done? 

We had been getting Time Magazine delivered to our house for a while and Izzy had never even touched one before. The magazines would often be left on the couch or coffee table, well within her reach, but she wouldn’t chew on them.  One day a magazine was delivered with a certain presidential nominee on the cover, and it was thrown onto the pile of magazines like the others.  My wife and I came home one day to discover, Izzy had completely obliterated that issue of Time. Ripped it to shreds. That was the day we discovered Izzy’s passion for politics (and/or hatred for a certain candidate).

-Where does Izzy sleep?

We put her bed in our bedroom so she could sleep comfortably. Despite that, she decided her favorite spot is on the floor between her bed and our bed. Often times with part of her body under our bed.

– If Izzy could answer only one question in English, what would you ask her?

Why do you bark uncontrollably at me every time I take the trash out? It makes no sense!

If Hollywood made a movie about your life in which your Izzy could speak, who should voice her?

Ellen DeGeneres