Dorothy is such an intelligent girl who is always eager to please. She has a group of best friends that she always plays with at doggy daycare, but her BFF is Qi’ra. She loves to be held and will nuzzle right up to the staff. We LOVE Dorothy!

What’s your dog’s name, gender, age, breed? Dorothy, female, 2 years, 75% Border Collie, 25% Great Pyrenees (according to Wisdom DNA)

How were you and Dorothy unitedI saw Dorothy’s picture on the “Lost & Found” page of the Animal Resource Center. She was just 6 weeks old; it was love at first sight and I knew I had to have her.

How did Dorothy get her name?  Well, it was in December when we adopted/rescued her from ARC and I originally had named her Noelle but after our first “meet & greet” I realized very quickly that “Noelle” was too close to “No” and I knew the word “No” would be a big part of her vocabulary, lol, so we revisited our list of names and picked the one that best fits her and her personality. We decided on “Dorothy” and she is named after “Dorothy Zbornak” from the “Golden Girls” because she’s smart, sassy, uninhibited, and fiercely protective of the family and those she considers family, like Qi’ra.

Any aliases? Dorth, Lou-Lou,

What special way do you spoil/ pamper your pup? Every night she gets a grilled or baked hip bone with the marrow still in it; every morning when it’s time for us to leave, she gets snap treats to help comfort her so she doesn’t cry; every night she sleeps in the middle of the bed between Bruce and me.

If she was a rockstar/musician who would she be? Cher or Madonna maybe, I’m not sure, she’s definitely an original, lol.