Daisy and Duke are the most laid back pair you will ever meet! When they come to doggy daycare at Sit, Stay, N’ Play, Daisy loves to chase the balls while Duke would much rather sit near his people and soak up the attention. =]


What are your dogs’ name, gender, age, breed?

Daisy, female, 3 years old, Silver Lab

Duke, male, 3 years old, Chocolate Lab


 How did your pups get their name?  Any aliases?

I wanted the boy to be named Duke and we thought it would be funny to name the female Daisy. Sometimes we call Duke “bud” or “my boy” and for Daisy we sometimes call her “mamas.”


How were you and your pups united?

We saw a picture of a silver lab online and decided that we wanted one. We found a breeder in South Carolina while we were stationed there.


If Daisy and Duke could have a human job what would it be?

Duke would be a clown as he’s a big goofball and seems to love pleasing people and always happy go lucky. Daisy would be an Olympic sprinter because she loves to run and never seems to run out of energy.