Vader is Sit, Stay, N’ Play’s resident water dog.  You can always find  him hanging out with whoever is using the hose. He tends to run with the popular crowd and keeps a close group of friends, but he’s always a gregarious greeter of the newcomers! 


What are your dog’s name, gender, age, breed?

 Vader is a 2 year old male Black English Lab


How did your dog get his name?  Any aliases?

Vader got his name from his mommy and big brother’s love of Star Wars.  Vader is such a beautiful deep black color so naturally Darth Vader fits perfectly. ?


Vader’s favorite treat?

Well Vader doesn’t usually get any “human food,” but he especially loves when his big brother & sister accidentally drop something on the floor! I would say though, that Vader’s favorite treat in the whole world is when he has to take medicine and gets a little peanut butter with it. ?


What is Vader’s best quality?

Vader is such an amazing family pet and loyal companion.  He is so gentle and wouldn’t hurt a fly.    Although we are still working on the “jumping on people” when excited though. Lol


Here are some of Vader’s favorite activities:

  • Play with his friends and handlers at Sit, Stay, N’ Play’s Doggy Day Care
  • Go to the doggy park and play
  • Go on walks around the neighborhood
  • Steal stuffed animals from his big brother and sister’s bedrooms
  • Cuddle with his mommy ?


Vader is the best dog in the world and we couldn’t imagine life without him!