Hoyt and Willow are a brother and sister duo from the same litter that enjoy much different pass times. During doggy daycare you will usually find Hoyt chasing reflections or bugs while Willow would rather wrestle with her friends. Willow usually needs a nap or two during doggy daycare, but Hoyt would rather spend his day running!

What’s your dog’s name, gender, age, breed?

Hoyt, male, 2yrs 4 mo, English Pointer (Hoyt is the youngest of the 9 in the litter and the only deaf one)

Willow, female, 2yrs 4 mo, English Pointer (Willow is the oldest of the litter)

How were you and your pups united?

We rescued them through PointerRescue.org. They were transported 930 miles from Portland, Maine by several volunteers.

How did they get their name?  Any aliases?

Willow already had her name.  We liked it so kept it.  Hoyt came to us as JB (John Boy); we didn’t think that fit him well.  He’s a hunting dog so we decided to name him after a hunting bow brand.

What is Hoyt and Willow’s favorite treat?

They both really like peanut butter treats made from spent grains and watermelon.

If Hoyt and Willow could answer only one question in English, what would you ask them?

Hoyt – What do you think those lights or fairies really are?

Willow – What are you digging for?