Barron has a large presence about him, and makes himself known by vocalizing his every thought.  He loves to play with toys and play keep away with his doggy friends.  Barron also loves to run through the water hose when his humans are least expecting it.  =] Their shrieks of surprise always cause him to stop and grin.  He’s definitely the most cheeky character we have brightening our days!!


What’s your dog’s name, gender, age, breed?

Barron is a male all black German Shepherd who is 8 years old.


Any nicknames for Barron?

He goes by Big Bear or Bear Bear.


What is Barron’s favorite treat?

Barron loves carrots and anything peanut butter!


What is Barron’s best quality?    

Barron has several great qualities.  His best qualities are he is a friendly, fun loving and loyal friend.


If he could have a human job what would it be? 

His human job would be Talk Show Host