Meet Django, our September Dog of the Month. He is Katrina’s (Sit, Stay, N’ Play’s Head Trainer) right side man!


Django is a Cattle Cog and Border Collie mix. He tends to be bossy and great at herding! He has worked as my demo dog for training since he came home at 10 weeks. He wasn’t a planned puppy. =]

I was acting as a transport for someone who was taking Django’s sister and when I arrived to get her they asked if I wanted to take Django too, and the rest is history.

What celebrity would voice Django in a movie?

Leonardo DiCaprio

What would Django’s perfect day be?

Django’s favorite game is disc. He also loves to swim in the river.And of course going to Sit, Stay, N’ Play toherd the other doggies. =]

Favorite food?

Freeze dried beef liver