You may have noticed some changes around Sit, Stay, N’ Play lately. We are making improvements! Our stage and carpet has been removed from the play area and a textured flooring has taken it’s place. A fence has recently been put up outside of our play area so that our four legged friends have a safe place to potty and play outdoors. Many have started taking advantage of our nice weather and sun bathing in their down time. Soon, we will be adding kiddie pools for our pals to cool off in and have a splash!

Our new outdoor area has also given us the opportunity to let in some fresh air! This is the season for bordatella which is also known as kennel cough. It is an airborne illness that is contracted through the dog’s mucous membranes in the nasal passages. If you notice your pet exhibiting any of the following symptoms, please keep them home, or take them to see your regular veterinarian: an unproductive cough that may sound as if your dog has something caught in their throat, runny nose, watery eyes, or vomiting.

In the immediate future we will be offering bordatella vaccination at our facility. The vaccine is intranasal, and will be ten dollars per dose. We are requiring that after the vaccination administration that you keep your pet home for a minimum of three days afterward. When your pet receives a bordatella vaccine they will be a carrier for a few days and shedding the virus. We will also be requiring all of our daycare and boarding dogs to be vaccinated every six months. This is for the health and safety of all who come to play. If you have any questions about bordatella or the vaccine, please stop by or give us a call at: 937-233-3151

We’d also like everyone to know that our puppy and intermediate classes will be starting mid May, so if you’d like to register to hold your spot, please stop by or call Katrina at 937-503-4817. We require registration at least three days prior to the first class.